CORPORATE MANAGEMENT and CSRCorporate Management and CSR

To create sustainable society

TANAX will continue to unremittingly give effort to become a better company for all people, products and environment.

Principles for healthy management

TANAX thinks that a company should have good health reagarding it’s society
and environment, as well as its employees.

Procurement policy with CSR Consideration

We procure products and services which correspond to
TANAX, INC. Procurement Policy for mutual prosperity with suppliers.

Passing the earth’s resources on to the next generation

Paper, made from forests, is one of the most precious resources. As we deal with papers and are supported by papers on a daily basis, we are committed to promoting environmental conservation.

  • Chant-Eco

  • Forest Certification

  • CDP

  • ISO14001

Creating new values for society

To provide better solutions for our customers and also as a member of society,
we are conscious of the impact that our company has on society and try to contribute
to further improvement.

  • ISO9001

  • ISO27001

  • ISO1267-2

CHAN-TO ECO“Chan-to Eco” labeling certification system

“Chat-to Eco” is a TANAX’s original labeling and certification system, with which we certify a store display product or a commercial packaging material that is designed for reducing environmental burdens and eco-friendly through the whole life cycle, from its production to disposal or recycle, as “Chan-to Eco”.

“Chan-to Eco” has been registered as Type II environmental labeling (in accordance with ISO14021) to the environmental labeling database of Ministry of the Environment website.


1.No harmful substance
We ensure the safety of the materials we use and try to reduce Substance of Concern such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in our manufacturing process as much as possible.
2.Resource saving/Energy saving/ carbon dioxide emissions reduction
In the entire process of planning, designing, manufacturing, packaging and delivery, we curb consumption of resources and energy, and thus reduce environmental burdens and greenhouse gas emissions.
3.Contribution to creating recycling-based and sustainable society
We try to ensure sustainability of resources by using bio-plastic and certified forest materials, while contributing to creating recycling-based society by taking initiative in using recycled resources for our product and packaging materials.

Advantages of “Chan-to Eco”, not just for being environmentally-friendly

Streamlined and careful manufacturing

We carefully check our process, materials and specifications in our manufacturing process and cut waste by reducing environmental burdens

burdens - which also leads to careful scrutiny of costs, and thus to cost advantages.

Manufacturing based on global standards

Certification standards for “Chan-to Eco” cannot be easily met. A product should conform to all the required items and more than 7 items out of the point-addition items to get certified.

By meeting the standards of “Chan-to Eco”, a product can also have the specifications that conform to global standards for forest certification.

User-friendly and easy-to dispose products

Cutting waste leads to reducing garbage. Our product is designed for easy scrapping and sorting, and we specify the used materials and disposal methods.

As we design our product taking into consideration its entire life cycle, you can reduce time and efforts at the time of disposal.

FSC®Forest certification:FSC®

In order to protect healthy forests, it is important to cut down trees appropriately.
Forest certification system, based on global standards, aims to protect the health of forests by certificating and labeling appropriately managed forests and chain of custody of the timber logged from the forests concerned.
We can provide a product, equally priced as non-recycled paper, with higher quality than that of used paper.

Types of forest certification systems

  • FSC®
    (Forest Stewardship Council)

    FSC® is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

※Headquarter, Branches, Sales Office, Factories have obtained certifications

※FSC certification number:SGSHK-CoC-007632

Flowchart of forest certified product

FM Certification
Forest Management (FM) Certification evaluates and certifies if forest management is appropriate in terms of environmental conservation, socially beneficial, and economically sustainability.
CoC certification
Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification certificates timber logged from certificated forests that are appropriately managed, being completely separated from and not mixed with other non-certified timber products during the process of processing and distribution.
Basically, when the ownership of certified timber is transferred to another company, the new owner has to obtain the certification again, the process of which applies to every step of producing, processing and distribution, continuing like a chain, and thus named Chain of Custody.
※TANAX has obtained CoC Certification.

CDPCDP※CDP(Participation in Carbon Disclosure Project)

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) requests companies and local governments to disclose
their action to address climate change issues such as greenhouse gas emissions and
forests and water usage.

  • We tally the total quantity of energy used across the whole company group. Through the improvement of company facilities, we address greenhouse gas reduction.

  • We address forest conservation by using paper produced from appropriately managed forests and thoroughly executing “Chan-to Eco” certification system.

  • We tally the total quantity of water intake and drainage at our factories and offices. We continually try to improve our tallying accuracy to reduce water usage.

ISO14001ISO14001(Environmental Management System)

TANAX has obtained the certification of ISO14001, the international standard for environmental management system, for Headquarter Factory (Ujidawara factory) in 2001.
We execute the cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act in addressing environmental issues,
and continually improve our environmental management.

ISO9001 ISO12647-2ISO9001(Quality Management System)
ISO12647-2(Color Management System)

Headquarter Factory
(Ujidawara factory)

Kyoto Headquarter

TANAX has obtained the certifications of ISO12647-2, the international standard for offset printing for Headquarter Factory(Ujidawara factory). We also have obtained the certifications of ISO9001, the international standard for quality management, for all factories in 2015, and for Headquarter, all branches, and all sales offices in 2016. We continue improving of manufacturing process to offer better products to our customers.

  • International standard for quality management system

    ISO9001 assures that a company manages environment and systems to manufacture a product or offer service that satisfies customers.

  • International standard for offset printing

    We constructs the systems to offer stable color prints by offset printing, and prove high quality of prints and color reproducibility.

ISO27001ISO27001(Information Security Management System)

TANAX have ISO27001, the international standard for
information security management, certified for Headquarter System control room, Tokyo branch, Kansai branch, and
Headquarter Factory in 2016.
We supervise and protect our information asset and continue to enhance information security.