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TOTAL PACKAGING SOLUTIONPackaging & Packing Improvements

TANAX proposes the best solution that would fit your case in terms of material selection, designing and material handling,
considering all the phases such as product line, transportation condition and disposal.

  1. Product development

  2. Manufacturing

  3. Transportation

  4. Storage
    Cargo handling Distribution processing

  5. Transportation

  6. Consumer
  • Package/Packing
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TANAX is a leading manufacturer of CREDAN®, CORRUPAD®and PATADAN®in Japan.

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    Just fit BOX

    About Just fit BOX

PACKAGE・SET PACKINGCommercial Packaging

From developing a product to comprehensively producing retail store atmospherics,we provide effective one-stop solutions.

Utilizing our know-how in the sales promotion field, we provide consistent service from brand-building
to designing and manufacturing a package and comprehensively producing store atmospherics.

  1. Product development
  2. Package
  3. Packing
  4. Transportation
  5. Store display

1.Branding and establishing concept

Taking advantage of our know-how in the sales promotion field, we support your new product development. We define optimum concept and target by analyzing a market and trend, and determine the direction of a product and package design.

2.Package and configuration design

We embody the product concept in graphics or configurations.
TANAX can create package design that combines graphics and configurations attuned well to each other, while also considering if it can be easily set up or folded, as well as its beauty, strength and cost.

3.Packaging and manufacturing of the outer box

We offer the best-fit proposal that is drived through observations of size and weight of the product, including status of transportation.

4.Sales promotion and store display

We can suggest a sales promotion plan that would fit product concept and create in-store display tools tailored to a package design.
By maintaining consistency between a product package and colors/design of a store, we can create impressive and attractive store atmospherics.

PACKING IN A CLEAN ROOMPacking in a Clean Room

We have clean room environment in the production lines at our main factory,
which enables simultaneous processing of package manufacturing and product setting, such as food or quasi-drugs.