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LOGISTICS SOLUTIONTANAX’s the newest logistics solution

It is not easy to reform an existing logistics site to all-automated and all-internetworked one, because there are some works need people’s hands and decisions. For these works, it is important that robots ASSIST people’s works. We realize the image of next generation logistics in which people and robots are working together.

  • Robotic Cart “THOUZER”
  • Just fit BOX
  • Trackless AGV S-CART
TANAX’s the newest logistics solution

JFBJust fit BOX

TANAX’s “Just fit BOX” automatically creates cardboard boxes that perfectly fit the three dimensions of the items and automatically packages them with those custom made boxes. This system can contribute to the solution of the manpower shortage issues, logistics cost reduction and also environmental issues.
This system shows the most effective performance especially for the items that do not fit the standard-sized boxes.

Just fit BOX
Just fit BOX


THOUZER is a target guided autonomous robot.
It can follow people smoothly and help people carrying work
in various fields like factories, warehouses, airports,
supermarkets, and so on.

S-CARTTrackless AGV “S-CART”

Next generation AGV with guide-less operation capabilities
No more magnetic tape track installation on the factory floor.
Setting the operating route is very simple. Quickly adapts to
floor layout change and your factory/warehouse efficiency
can be maximized.


The wearable robot “EXO-MUSCLE” is work-assist exoskeleton
robot suit with specially designed rubber tubes compressed
air as the source of its power.
It supports a person’s movement to reduce and prevent
work-related low back injuries for factories,
warehouses and construction sites.